Service And Maintenance

Our aim is to prevent breakdowns and downtime with our pre-programmed maintenance schedules.

Working through a pre-programmed maintenance schedule designed specifically each type of application, our expert technicians take various readings, temperatures, pressures, check all major components and carryout out a full leak check.

These readings and findings are then analysed and a full report is then produced with any recommendations or issues highlighted. This report is then sent to our clients along with a Leak Check Certificate and Refrigerant Log

Our response times are very important to us, and we will endeavour to attend all service calls on the same day to which they were placed. If this is not viable, then we will attend all calls within 24 hours


  • Competitive maintenance contracts personalised to your requirements.
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year call out.
  • Average response time of less than 4 hours to emergency breakdowns

Replacement parts

Our service vehicles are well stocked with a small supply of the most common spare parts. If your breakdown requires one of these parts, our Technician will discuss the costs involved, and if agreed, will replace the part on the first visit.

If a more complex spare part is required, this will be sourced from our chain of suppliers, and an electronic quotation will be sent within 24 hours. If this is agreed, then depending on availability, we will return within 5 working days.

For further information on any of our service range or services for work or office use, please don't hesitate to contact us.

All units should be properly maintained to ensure the optimum performance. Units that are regularly maintained are usually free from breakdowns and run year after year with little or no needs. This also ensures that they are running with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Hills Cooling Solutions, can offer one off or regular maintenance contracts. These can be arranged pre-summer and pre-winter, at a time that suits you.

The picture speaks for itself!…

The cost to maintain this condenser would have been $ 150.

The cost to replace the compressor instead because it wasn’t maintained was $ 1500! Approx.

You do the maths!

Planned Preventative Maintenance is the key to avoiding hefty repair bills and reducing the overall operational cost of your refrigeration equipment. HCS Maintenance packages are personalised to suit our customer’s individual financial and operational situations.

Lower Life Cycle Costs - Regular PM (Preventive Maintenance) will reduce your overall operational costs, the sole purpose of PM is to ensure that your equipment it maintained to the best possible condition thus hopefully preventing failure when you require your equipment the most.

24/7/365 - As a Hills Cooling Solutions’ Preventive Maintenance customer you are guaranteed priority service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, giving you complete peace of mind.

Please contact us to get a quote or arrange a free site visit to evaluate your maintenance requirements and get your own peace of mind.