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Air Conditioning

Hills Cooling Solutions Pty. Ltd. offers climate control solutions for all seasons, installing state-of-the-art systems that provide cool fresh air when the temperature soars and warmth in the colder months – all at the flick of a switch.

We cater for both domestic and commercial sectors. This can cover public sector buildings, offices, computer rooms, educational institutions, churches, hospitals, hotels, night clubs, residential homes and apartments.

In an office environment, cool cleaner air improves staff morale, efficiency and productivity.

In leisure or retail sectors, customers will stay in a comfortable environment

Finally, in the summer heat, cool customers are happy customers. Happy customers stay longer and spend more money!!

Air Conditioning within the workplace has been common for many years, only now it offers various ranges, sizes and the ability to cool and heat.

The systems are able to comply with a variety of layouts, all designed to meet your needs.

HCS can supply, install, and maintain systems for all commercial properties, inclusive of offices, shops, educational institutions, restaurants, factories, hospitals, etc. Our expert surveyors are able to find a solution to all of your heating/cooling needs, and will deliver what you require on time and within budget. We will always advise of a total cost inclusive of all materials, so each client is aware of the project total. We do not add any additional or hidden costs!

Our Air Conditioning System maintenance range from comfort cooling used in individual offices to large building vented systems. These range in size and capacity.

Split System

This system consists of an Evaporator and a Condenser Unit.

The Evaporator unit is located indoors, and is usually mounted on a wall, floor or ceiling. This unit circulates the air in the room cooling and heating it to your set requirements. It is then connected to the Condenser unit, which is located outside via copper pipes. The heat removed from this room is dispersed into the atmosphere.

When heat is required, the system works in reverse.

Multi-split Systems

Multi-split systems: in which one or more ‘outdoor units’ containing refrigeration and heat rejection equipment are each connected to a number of ‘indoor units’ delivering cooling. These may also be called ‘multi-split package units’ and include variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. The indoor part of these systems may be called an ‘indoor unit’ or ‘cassette’.

Operation is the same as in split systems, but this option allows for up to 5 units to be positioned in various rooms, allowing individually controlled units, which all operate for a single outdoor unit.

Ducted Air Condition

Using air conditioning as the primary source of heating during winter months is an increasingly popular option for many businesses. Most air conditioning systems have the capability, by reversing the refrigerant cycle of providing warm air heating, and these systems are commonly referred to as heat pumps.

Ducted Air Conditioning provides the required temperature throughout the entire home/office. It can be installed in a new site or in an existing one. The indoor unit is located within the ceiling or under the floor, with flexible ducting distributing the conditioned air through vents located in chosen areas throughout the home/office. The condensing unit is located outside the home/ office.

The main advantage of using a Ducted air conditioning is its efficiency. It provide a much more energy efficient method of heating and cooling by dividing the area in zones.

More and more business owners and managers are also now viewing the requirement for comfort cooling in their offices as a necessity rather than a luxury.

At the same time they recognize the need to maximize the efficiency of any system installed, not only to reduce the plant running costs but also to minimize the impact on the environment.

Package Units

The key to choosing the most cost-effective solution combined with maximum efficiency is in the preparation of a clear design brief and the application of good design practice.

Package units are usually mounted on the roof or on a slab besides the building. (These are known as self-contained units or Direct Expansion (DX).

These packaged units are often constructed as a single unit for heating and for cooling.

What initially appears to be the cheapest solution can cost you more in the long run. At Hills Cooling Solutions, we take the time to establish your needs, advise you of the options available, and then propose a bespoke solution tailored to those needs. These units are usually used for commercial and industrial buildings.


Chillers are usually the most economical means to cool larger buildings. There are Air Cool and Water Cool Chillers. It delivers cooling through air handling unit(s) and/or pumped water circuits. These may include constant volume (CV) systems, variable air volume (VAV) systems, systems using fan coil units (FCU’s) or induction units, and systems using active or passive chilled beams.

HCS can provide a wide range of water and air cool chillers offering flexibility, reliability, efficiency and choice all configured to meet your application and installation requirements. We can specify any pipe work, valve, pumping and water tank requirements you may have.