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A Guide to Refrigeration

The first known method of artificial refrigeration was demonstrated by William Cullen at the University of Glasgow in 1756.

Basic Refrigeration Principle

If you place a cup of hot coffee on a table and leave it for a while, the heat in the coffee is transferred to the cup, the table and the surrounding air. As the heat is transferred, the coffee in time cools down. Using the same principle, refrigeration works by removing heat from a product and transferring that heat to the outside air.

We at Hills Cooling Solutions service and maintain all types and all makes of Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration equipments.

Cool Rooms & Freezer Rooms

HCS is an expert in cool room and freezer room Installation and Maintenance. If you don’t know your technical requirements but know your business needs, then we’ll work with you to understand them and design the perfect solution custom made.

Whether you work with fish, meat, egg, vegetables, beer, soft drinks or any other food products, your refrigeration plant are crucial to the quality of the product you produce. As your refrigeration maintenance contractor, we will work in partnership with you to understand your production processes and the related refrigeration maintenance, thus ensuring your business the ability to deliver your best product/service.

No matter what your requirements and industry, we can help you to create the environment you need to effectively run your business whilst giving the added value of always looking for energy & cost saving methods and any other potential paybacks. Our experience here includes helping clients in the food and catering industries as well as life sciences.

Clean Rooms & Laboratories

Many products manufactured and processed in clean room environments are moisture sensitive and therefore have specific need for both relative humidity and temperature controls.

We have the knowledge and expertise to give you the control over your environment in areas where the effects of higher humidity levels in close tolerance environments can be detrimental to product quality and production schedules – whether you are making Semi-conductors, pharmaceuticals or handling sensitive farms like poultry farms.

Plus with additional remote monitoring applications we can give you total control 24/7.

Blast Chillers

Blast chillers are designed to rapidly bring the temperature of food down in batches to a required temperature in order to retain its integrity and also to minimise the risk of contamination. The food is then moved to a freezer or cool room for storage.

These are used extensively in hotels and in hospital catering where food is prepared in advance and then reheated later.

Ice Machines

Ice Machines produce ice cubes and are used mainly in hospitals, bars, restaurants, sea food wholesalers and retailers, food service areas, vegetable growers and wholesalers, laboratories, etc.

We have well trained technicians so we can also service and maintain your equipment to ensure you get the longest product life.

Glycol units/ tap beer units

The tap beer units also called as Glycol units are used in bars and restaurants. Its important to maintain the temperature for the beer to give the best to the customers. As known beer is good when its cold, so to maintain the right temperature is very crucial.

Glass Chillers

The glass chillers are used to keep the glass cool. These are used in bars and restaurants. Its important to maintain the temperature of these units.

Vacuum chillers

We also take care of your vacuum chiller, which is used in the production of mushroom, in mushroom farms.

Industrial Refrigeration

Refrigeration used in a wider aspect is industrial refrigeration. It is used for whole sale purpose.

All Commercial Fridges

At Hills Cooling Solutions we service and maintain all commercial fridges like

  • Upright fridges
  • Bench fridges
  • Display Fridges
  • Meat Fridges
  • Cold Plate
  • Chest freezers
  • Bar fridges
  • Bar units
  • Slasher machines, etc